Ideas on where in the house to put new baby...

I have a 16 month old son. I’m expecting a second child around his second birthday. We have a small cape cod. On the second floor we have our bedroom and my son’s bedroom. Downstairs we have two other small bedrooms. We need the baby to be on the same floor as us obviously but I also feel my son is too young to be downstairs alone. I’m worried if they share the baby will keep him up. We’ll have the baby in our room the first three months but I do what to do after that. Any suggestions?

  • Kieli
    Dec 27, 2018

    Following! I’m in the same boat

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Dec 27, 2018

    Since they’re so close in age I bet they will do just fine adjusting to being in the same room once baby leaves your room. It may take a couple of weeks but it will be worth it for your peace of mind. My friend had two under two and only two bedrooms so she had no choice but to room them together and it worked out perfectly.

  • Lindsay
    Jan 11

    I'm in a similar boat. Our 20 month old still is not sleeping through the night. Baby #2 is due In May and they'll eventually need to share a room. I don't want to get our toddler sleeping through the night in time just to mess it up by putting a newborn in his room. Current plan is for baby to stay in our room for a while. Then we'll put baby in pack and play in our oversized walk in closet until they're sleeping longer stretches at night. It sounds bad but it's attached to our room and lots of space! Have a lot to do to prepare but at least baby will be nearby yet cant see us when we start some sort of sleep training. We'll then transition in with our toddler once he is more used to baby and has moved into toddler bed. What a juggling act!