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Ideas when sick

So the stomach bug has taken over my entire family and we are going on about day 8. It has been horrible!! And now I am very sick and the last to get it. I am a stay at home mom with my 13month old and 3 1/2 year old. What ideas does anyone have to pass the time and the pain at home to get though all this? My 13month old doesnt know any better and he is all over the 3 1/2 year old will least sit and watch a movie from time to time! Thanks for any advice!!!

  • Olivia
    Mar 21

    This cold and flu season is THE WORST, isn't it? I empathize with your pain. Do either of your kids like to color? I went back and forth about buying Crayola Color Wonder products as they are more costly than standard washable pens and paint BUT they allow my daughter to get creative without me worrying about the potential mess she's making. The pens only work on the accompanying paper. So even if the markers end up on the sofa or walls, no cleaning necessary. It looks like Crayola has expanded the line and now also has Color Wonder paint. At least you could rest without having to keep an eagle-eye on your kids...? If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home you can set it up to read books - Echo syncs with Audible making it really easy. Boxes are great if you have any stashed away somewhere - an open box can be colored/decorated to look like a car or boat. Shoe boxes are great big building blocks and also work as beds for toys. Give kids some extra blankets or sheets and have them build a fort. Extra points if you have a lantern (LEDs don't get hot) they can borrow. Macaroni and twine necklaces are good for fine motor skills. I really wanted a sensory table for my daughter but the idea of sand everywhere was unpleasant - so we have a rice table with plastic animals, magnets, etc. Some of these suggestions are likely not possible with your youngest unfortunately...hang in there!

  • Jessie
    Mar 21

    That’s rough, I’m sorry! I’m a stay-at-home mom, and we unfortunately don’t get any sick days. For your 3 1/2 year old I’d suggest a tablet where they can switch through different shows on their own. For your 13 month I suggest Baby Einstein or Mother Goose Club. Anything that has a lot of singing. I know it’s suggested that kids shouldn’t be in front of a screen all day, but hey, mommy needs a break so days like that aren’t always the case. I also suggest splitting up meals as a bunch of snacks. It’s a great way to keep them distracted but also keeping them fed. Good luck!