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I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and started bleeding Saturday,

I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and started bleeding Saturday, I went to the ER, and they did two different types of sonograms, they saw a sac and no embryo, and told me I could have miscarried. But they also found a cyst on my ovary, and said the bleeding could be from that. I met a woman today and she told me that when she was about 7 weeks pregnant she started bleeding, and thought she miscarried. She also told me her sonogram showed a sac, but no embryo, so she for sure believed she miscarried. She let me know that she bled with clotting for four straight months and gave birth to her twins a few weeks ago. Which has me wondering, because the hospital I went to does not have their crap together. I am just wondering if anybody had a similar story and still had their baby?

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    Sep 04, 2019

    Make an appointment with a doctor and have another scan in a few days/week. They’ll tell you for sure