Im a first time mom preparing for baby girl in October 😍 Name the one thing you couldnt live without and the one thing that's overrated/ didnt work for you. Getting my registry together and need help!!! 👍🏻

  • BeaPea
    Jun 06, 2017

    Used and loved: rock n play (thank you sweet baby Jesus, for allowing my baby to fall asleep on something other than me), nursing tank tops and nightgowns, changing pad on a dresser/changing table, cheap blue baby tub, stretchy wrap/woven wrap, California Baby tear free shampoo, inexpensive compact baby swing Total BS wastes of money (for us): wipe warmer, travel system, crib, pack n play, bouncer, footed anything (besides pants), any clothing that was not soft, comfy material, baby shoes, everything I bought for what I thought would be fountains of milk pouring out of my breasts (turns out I don't respond well to the pump at all, so LO just got it straight from the tap), fancy diaper bag

  • Ashley
    Jun 06, 2017

    Must have a ring sling so great for newborns to get that skin to skin time and also very easy to nurse in! The rock and play is very nice life saver if baby has reflux. Bottle warmer waste of time takes to long and was always to hot I just used bottle water that keep on counter so was room temperature and baby did fine.

  • Monica
    Jun 07, 2017

    Nose frieda & video monitor were great for us. Baby blankets not so much:)

  • Megan
    Jun 07, 2017

    Must have puppy pads. Great for changing them at home and in public. When out and about they are big enough for baby to lay on and just throw out. Plus if a big blowout change on them and throw out no worry of cleaning anything in the wash.

  • Gen
    Jun 08, 2017

    Congrats! The boppy pillow OVERRATED didn't work well for breastfeeding but the "my best friend nursing pillow" worked the best highly recommend for breastfeeding

  • Kateri
    Jun 08, 2017

    Could NOT live without the Owlet. It was the only thing that reduced my own anxiety enough so I could sleep. Overrated: bottle warmer and bottle sterilizer.

  • Gen
    Jun 08, 2017

    Oh and what I couldn't do without were muslin blankets! You will need a bunch for swaddling I also use the for covering my baby from the sun since they are so light they are perfect

  • Tricia
    Jun 08, 2017

    Overrated: Bumbo, Owlet monitor, & diaper bag Could not live without: Jumperoo, swaddle sacks, and pack n' play!

  • Jennifer
    Jun 08, 2017

    Congratulations! Favorites: ~Rock n' play sleeper - easy enough to take with you out of the house, safe, at an incline for fussy babies or kids with reflux, etc. I wish I had sprung for the one with the autorock feature because instead of getting a moment's rest I had to keep rocking the sleeper by hand. This is the one thing I think I'll re-purchase with my next kid. ~Anything that lets you adjust the incline (from reclining or flat to sitting up, etc) ~The AngelCare monitor for the motion sensor - my daughter (again, with the bad reflux) really never slept on her back. Putting her on her stomach so young was a lot easier with the breathing monitor. ~We liked the Dr. Brown Options bottles, MAM pacifiers, and the Lillebaby wearable carrier the best but each of these are widely subjective. Though I strongly advocate getting SOME kind of wearable, maybe borrowing some if you can to find the right one for you. As for things we didn't end up needing, my daughter was weird I guess. The things that were a waste for her are things other parents can't live without, so I'd suggest getting these but then realizing you're not alone if your baby doesn't like them: ~Pack n'play (I do wish I had gotten one of the small portable bassinets like the Brica fold n' go when she was small enough for it) ~Swaddlers - she REFUSED them. Flat out. ~Bouncer seats - really anything that only laid flat or slightly at an incline. That's why I suggested things that let you adjust the incline.

  • Z
    Jun 08, 2017

    Overrated: Warmers (any of them), diaper genie (you'll empty a normal trash can full of diapers often enough to keep it from smelling for long) Indispensable: Video monitor, rock & play, good wifi and headphones, Parenthoods app (and now Winnie).

  • Kayla
    Jun 08, 2017

    I love our Bumbo. I got it for $20 bucks, and it has an activity tray.

  • Alena
    Jun 08, 2017

    Hi Diane, congratulations! I have a 2yo girl at home, and expecting a second for September. Here is my take on your question: - overrated: diaper pail (a simple trash can with lid is enough, and keeping it in the corridor instead of the room helps to reduce the annoyance of the smell); wipe warmer or any wipe-container; special changing table furniture (a changing pad on top of a dresser does great, just make sure you attach it to the dresser); fancy expensive monitors (forget wifi and cameras, the only thing you need is a good transmitter). Some parents find bottle warmers/sterilizers overrated - it depends on you. I had to pump exclusively for my little one, and having the sterilizer was amazing. It will depend on your personal situation. - important: besides the absolute necessities such as car seat, diapers and clothes: rock'n'play; playyard to be able to put baby down while cooking; a good carrier (recommend buckle carriers over wraps, especially if you are anxious about carrying right); plenty of burp cloths; a rocker (didn't think I'll need that one, but it makes the night feedings sooooo much easier); all the breast feeding necessities (bf can be hard, so make it as easy as possible - lanolin nipple cream, reusable pads, appropriate clothes for bf in public etc). Hope this helps!

  • Stephanie
    Jun 08, 2017

    As you can see there are hugely varying opinions, people are listing the same thing as both overrated and can't-live-without, some of this you just won't know until your baby makes his or her preferences known! Things I didn't think of before giving birth: - I needed a LOT more burp cloths than I thought. A LOT. My daughter spit up more than the average baby so your mileage may vary, but I probably went through 3-5 a day for quite a few months. - I hated the Boppy as a nursing pillow, and had great success with the Brest Friend pillow for nursing. The Boppy was great for helping my LO when she was extra gassy, for doing some early propped sitting and tummy time, etc. - You need somewhere to put the baby down while you're doing other stuff. I used a bouncy chair for this most of the time. Rock n Play or playyard/travel crib or swing also totally work.

  • Diana
    Jun 08, 2017

    I love, and still use, my 21 month old's NoseFrida. He's had no ear infections and only 2 colds, ever. Overrated for me was the mamaroo seat.

  • Meredith
    Jun 09, 2017

    Overated: Boppy pillow. I ended up using just a normal bed pillow to help with nursing and that worked way better for us. Baby-specific video monitors. We have one and it's awful. I suggest something like those new WiFi home surveillance things they have at best buy. Much cheaper too. Going to do that once our monitor finally craps out (Motorola, it's a piece of junk). Baby bathtubs. She was too little for every one that we tried and slipped all over the place. Ended up just taking her in the shower with one of us while the other did the spotting (babies are slippery!). Swaddle sack things. Had better luck with the swaddle blankets. (I didn't realize at the time but there's a difference between swaddle and receiving blankets. Receiving blankets are somewhat useless imo) Important: Some kind of rocker where baby can sleep and hang out while you get things done during the day. We lived our wipe warmer, but I think that's specific to is since LO was in the NICU and any startling or outside stimulation would make her cry for hours, at first. Warmer helped make diaper changes way easier. Designated diaper changing area with a pad. We use the top of her dresser in the nursery. Swaddle blankets. Can never have enough. A good video monitor of some kind. Various baby/parenting apps and books.

  • Diane
    Jun 09, 2017

    Wow what amazing answers and advice! Thank you thank you so much everyone. I hope some other expectant mothers/fathers on Winnie are benefiting from this thread too!

  • Melissa
    Jun 11, 2017

    Overrated Diaper Dr Brown's Bottles and MAM pacifiers.

  • Citlalli
    Aug 09, 2017

    I'm a mother of a four month old... I truly think it depends on your baby. My sisters have seven kids collectively so I was lucky to have their recommendations, but many of the things her kids liked mine hasn't and viceversa My baby's Must-Haves: Boppy for breastfeeding and propping him here and there. Boba he prefers baby wearing to the fancy Bugaboo stroller daddy bought him. First Years Bottlewarmer lukewarm milk gives him comfort. Baby Frida for boogers. Infant Probiotics for colics. Swing and Video Monitor (period). Shusher I love that thing it puts him to sleep in long car rides and fuzzy nights. Overrated: I didn't buy too much extra due to my sisters recommendations, but for my baby swaddles were a no go. I bought tons of burping cloths and he used none .. he could have been good with one bib. And, shoes are overrated for him lol.

  • Sharon
    Sep 08, 2017

    Don't get a diaper genie. Get the diaper champ. It uses regular trash bags and cheap if you want a diaper disposal system. I agree on bottle warmers being a waste. We got a very basic swing (very small and could be moved around easily) on loan for baby number 1 and it was amazing! Especially for making dinner etc. i couldn't live w/o swaddle sacks. So much easier than Reg swaddles and can be used as Reg sleep sacks as well.

  • Christal
    Sep 22, 2017

    Love my arms reach cosleeper, Costco wipes (containers are helpful!), swing, car seat mirror, and nosefrieda! So many overrated things but a diaper bag and baby shoes are the first things that come to mind.