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In home daycare

Are most in home daycares licensed? Or is it mostly just the bigger places that are? I.e. kinder care, Montessori, etc.?

  • Natalie
    Aug 06

    Yes, most home daycare centers do have licenses, as is required by licensing. There are some license-exempt home centers, but they are reserved for care for relatives, and other special situations. If you are ever curious about whether or not a center is licensed, you can usually fine their license # on their website, or ask to confirm :)

  • B
    Aug 06

    Many aren’t where I am. Some are. You can find a list online

  • Jess
    Aug 06

    In FL they have a state website listing all licensed home daycares as well as the inspections/violations. Maybe your state has something?

  • Oscar T.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Sep 20

    In California, we have licensed and license-exempt care. Here is where public can check the licensed facility detail: In Missouri, there should be Child Care Licensing as well. This should be the site to check: