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In law Drama


My in laws came to watch my son’s pre-k program tonight. My son was excited all day. They brought his cousin who gets along great. However, the cousin is the favorite grandkid. When my in laws got here they were disciplining my son who was acting up out of excitement (also b/c he was being ignored as the in laws doted on his cousin). This made my son act up more. We are talking about not wanting to share and wanting to play what the other kids didn’t want to play. Just kid stuff imo but my mil made it into him picking on his cousin. 🙄 My mil is convinced our son is autistic and I am convinced he is not but is sensitive. My husband had it out with his mom over her behavior. I wasn’t happy my husband lost his cool but glad he stuck up for our son. It really hurts my feelings that the In laws couldn’t come and focus on making it a special day for my son... I really question how involved she should be at future events.