Increased hunger on Depo

Ever since my second dose of the Depo shot, I have been hungry pretty much all the time. I try to not eat right away when I'm hungry if I have just eaten a meal, but sometimes I can't help it and feel like I need to eat something. Even after I've had a big meal, I seem to be hungry within about an hour after eating. Anyone else experience this?? This is my second time being on the shot. I was on it as a teenager before I got pregnant. I got off of it at 18 because it was my parents' choice for me to be on it. I had no say in it and I wanted to be in control of my body. I got back on it after my son was born because I knew it worked for me and pills are not my thing. I never experienced any increase in hunger the first time I was on it and now I am.

  • Cassandra
    Dec 08, 2018

    I was on the shot a couple of years ago and I was like this. I unfortunately gained like 40 lbs because of it, I will never go on depo again it also made me break out really badly. I felt like a hormonal teenager when I was on it.

  • Corra
    Dec 09, 2018

    I had the same hunger issues when I was on it. I gained 50-60 pounds on it after my son. I was always hungry, struggling with my weight and hormones were all messed up. So I got off it after a yr of being on it. I’ve been on a different BC for 2yrs and I have finally lost all the steroid weight. And I’m in love with the BC I’m on.

  • Amelia
    Dec 11, 2018

    I’m on the pill and experiencing the same symptoms. If I wasn’t so terrified of getting pregnant again, I wouldn’t be taking any BC at all. It really has done a number on my body.

  • Carissa
    Dec 11, 2018

    I had this same issue with the depo shot. I hated it. I gained so much weight on it because I was always so hungry and I know other people who have had the same issue.

  • Traci
    Dec 12, 2018

    Oh my gosh yes. I just thought maybe I was crazy. I was on the depo as a teenager and had no issues. Had my Son and wasn’t on any type of BC for the first 5 months. After he was 5 months old I started the depo shot again and I was constantly hungry and constantly eating. Just 4 months ago I switched to an IUD and have noticed I’m still always hungry but it’s not as bad. I don’t know what route I should take next. Lol