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Induced labor


So I’m a first time dad and almost 2 weeks from our expected due date. Our doctor has mentioned induced labor at our last visit and my girlfriend (first time mom) is very eager to get our baby boy out due to her pains and excitement to meet him. We’ve scheduled to proceed with this process a week from now, meaning a week before our initial due date & I’m starting to have some second thoughts. Anyone have any advice or assurance to help?

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jul 11

    I was induced.. I honestly loved it. I was so scared at first. But I feel it's better than to have to wait at home until you are a certain diameter. They sometimes send you home while in labor if you arent far along! So it went something like this... I got to the hospital with my husband anxiously. The nurse brought us to a room, I got undressed and laid in the bed. They started hooking me up and started some paper work. The then started the pitocin (jumpstart labor meds) they started it at 9am. I gave birth at 532PM to a beautiful baby boy the same day! I wasnt in pain AT ALL! They gave me an epidural around 1pm but even before that I wasnt in any pain with contractions ( I have a high pain tolerance.) The Only thing I hated was the fact of starving so bring a lot of DUM DUM pops because thats all I was aloud to eat..(due to in case they needed to cut me open.) which they didnt, thank God everything went beautifully. If I can tell my past self something before going in to be induced I would say RELAX! IT ISNT AS BAD AS YOU ARE THINKING! It was my 1st birth I was shittin bricks scared! I always hear horror stories but dont let anything ruin it for you. This is supposed to be a blessed time for your girlfriend and you! Who knows... she might even go into labor before the induction date! I'll keep you in my prayers! But honestly, relax daddy! The doctors and nurses got everything under control. Just be ready to hold your girlfriends leg up to help her push! You, after all, will have to be her hype man lol tell her push, push push! Good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! P.S my husband said it is so much better to control when you have your child than it be a waiting game! We really enjoyed being induced because everything went so wonderfully!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 11

    So, I’ve had the pleasure of an emergency csection after a regular beginning of labor (babys heart rate plummeted..scariest moment of my life, first baby), a water broke first “normal” birth, and one that started with being induced as I was halfway to 10cm but had no consistent contractions. Honestly, I wouldn’t change any of them as I look back and I would tell myself not to be so judge mental of each birth type. I did have the foreknowledge of knowing that my contractions are so painful that I vomit (went to 10cm without pain meds on my c section), so the moment I knew I was being induced, I asked for an epidural, as I wanted to be mentally present for the birth. Something for her to consider. I was induced, got my epidural, and then my husband and I took a two hour nap and woke when I was ready to push. It was a stark contrast to my other labors, but by far the most restful and easiest. Part of that I’m sure just came with it being our third baby in three years, but part of it I credit to being induced and getting the epidural early. Just thought I would throw it out there for consideration. Each birth will be different, I just know I personally associated inductions and epidurals with all sorts of silly things when they, combined, gave me the dream birth experience it took me three tries to get to.

  • Rachel
    Jul 11

    I've been induced with all three of my kiddos one week early and it went well every time! It'll be okay and I'm sure it'll all go well.

  • Kieli
    Jul 11

    Me and my husband were engaged when I got pregnant with my first daughter. We got married when I was 8 months pregnant. She has always been his main concern of worry (other than me of course 😆). Then one day when I was pregnant with our second daughter, I came to the realization that we never talked about kids when we were dating. So I asked him, “we never even talked about having kids. Did you even want kids?” And his answer was brutally honest; he said “no.” He has stepped up to the plate in so many ways, even though he never wanted/expected to have kids, they are his whole world. He was sooo scared to hold/hurt our baby. Even with our now 2 month old he freaks out over the little noises she makes. Your life is about to change in sooo many ways, but it is the best thing to happen to many people. You always have to remember on the hard days, on the long days, on the days with no sleep, or the days were everything goes wrong: family is one thing that some people don’t get the opportunity to have. On another note: I was scheduled to be induced with my second. She literally was born the same hour they were going to start the process. But anyways, it’s nice to have it planned because like it was mentioned above, you aren’t just sitting around waiting. I had my, my husband’s and baby’s bags ready. I knew it was happening so I had a good dinner, shower and long cuddles with my daughter because I knew it was going to be the last time she was an only child. I recommend going on a trip with your girlfriend before baby. It may be your last one alone together for a while. Congratulations on your little one! Hope my post helps

  • Jenn
    Jul 12

    I was induced a week early and it was totally fine. I was in labor for 8 hours. Could your nervousness be more about the induction meaning that the baby will become real? Being a first time parent can be scary, but remember that everyone feels that way and you guys will figure it out.

  • Aline
    Jul 12

    I was induced with my 1st pregnancy 2 days before my due date because of low fluids.. everything went so well.. the whole birthing process was like a breeze (I also had epidural) .. am pregnant now and honestly deep down I wish I would get induced again instead of playing that waiting game and timing contractions on my own at home

  • Megan
    Jul 12

    With my first I went into labor on our due date. Tried laboring at home for an hour looking for all the signs the doctor says to look for but i never had them. Called the Dr an hour after first contraction and they said go to the hospital. Had an hour drive to the hospital. When they checked me to make sure it was true labor I was 8cm... insane. So everyone rushed around like crazy hooking me up getting my epidural (which was the best thing ever!). But the epidural did slow down labor. Which honestly was fine cause me and my husband slept! 🙌🏻 when all was said and done, I was in labor for 13 hours. Now with my second, whole different story. I was induced two days early due to gestational diabetes. We checked in at the hospital at 12:30pm. They advised me that inductions can take longer than normal labor so get settled as it’ll be awhile. They also were very aware that I wanted an epidural when it came time and I signed all the paperwork ahead of time. They broke my water at 2pm. First contraction happened at 2:50pm. Than active labor started immediately! Within 30 mins I was demanding an epidural. I couldn’t get it as the anesthesiologist was caught up in an emergency. My babies heart rate kept dropping cause I couldn’t relax as they kept telling my to (uh how?!) they put me on oxygen and tried to keep me calm til I could get some meds. The anesthesiologist finally got there about 4:10pm. An hour and twenty minutes after it started. He couldn’t find the right spot and dug around for 10 mins before saying he was done and “accidentally” gave me a spinal as well. Which whatever, I finally had relief. As soon as I laid down from that and tried to catch my breath, the baby was still in distress. They checked me again and I was an 8. They asked me to do a practice push... than the stopped me, rushed the doctor in and said this is it. No was one prepared at all. They timed my pushing from start to finish. 1 minute. It happened all so fast I had no time to enjoy my epidural and just catch my breath. They even forgot to give me a catheter and I ended up peeing myself in recovery 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I was still numb so I had no idea. Our son was born just 4 hours after we checked into the hospital! 1hr 40mins after first contraction. All that to show how unbelievably different it was for us. If we were to have another kid, as crazy as my last labor was, induction is definitely the way to go. It was nice to know you were already there and had help if needed. And for us, scheduling things like childcare and animal care was a huge plus. Trust your doctor. If the suggest this is what’s best for mom and baby, than trust that. They consider full term 38 weeks so going into 39 you’re in the clear for being fully developed. You can always ask them to do a membrane sweep if they haven’t already. This will help kickstart natural labor