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Introducing 1 yr old to baby

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby boy in July and my daughter will be 1 year old in June. How have you guys introduced newborns to cousins/siblings? How long did you wait before introducing?

  • Amanda
    Jan 13

    My husbands cousin just had their baby before new year and we introduced my son, 16 months at the time, once they arrived home. At first he didn’t even care. He just looked at him and walked away but once I held the baby it was a different story. He didn’t cry but kept wanting to me to pick him up and asking for me. Once we left he was fine just wanted a few extra cuddles.

  • Tara
    Jan 14

    My daughter was 1.2 years when she met her newborn baby brother, and **knock on wood** things have been great (so far). She initially wanted to poke and prod him, but I’d gently take her hand and show her how to stroke (on herself, on me and then baby), and say: gentle, gentle (or equivalent). She picked that up quickly. Then I also prepped her by talking to her, pretty much as soon as I knew I was pregnant, which isn’t relevant in your case, and we spoke about ‘baby’ and saw photos of babies and met babies in the park/ library etc. I wouldn’t wait to introduce, and even now my son is 1.1 years, I don’t leave my toddlers together for longer than a couple of seconds, so just always be present and vigilant with your baby and the newborn. Good luck!