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Is anyone’s kids/toddlers super sensitive in terms of detergent? It seems like my lo can’t even sit on a bed from a hotel or on a blanket that’s been treated in something other than what I use. She’s highly sensitive to dreft. Breaks out every where with it. Only arm n hammer works for her.

  • Meredith
    Feb 06

    I was like this as a kid. We used to take a top sheet with us when we traveled and folded it taco style down the bed. I also brought my own pillow. Then their sheets didn't directly touch me and I was better.

  • Jacy
    Feb 06

    My dad has dealt with this for years. 🙁 He takes his own sheets to hotels. Hotels and hospitals use a very strong chemical wash. He did get one or more series of immunotherapy shots to reduce his allergic reactions (he has had a lot of allergies and allergic induced asthma).

  • Darlene
    Feb 06

    I had trouble with this as a child and still do to some extent. New clothes I haven't been washed also irritate my skin badly. I use Arm and Hammer also and Tide Free & Clear is it okay. For me the worst is Downy Fabric Softener. This most likely either the dye or the perfume in the detergent. That's why the doctor told my mom when I was little.

  • Cho
    Feb 06

    My 3 year old daughter has skin irritations due to detergent. For some reason it took me forever to diagnose it but we use all free and clear now and it cleared up. If we stay at hotels I always bring her own blanket and pillows.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 06

    Detergents are full of very horrible chemicals. Bad for skin, bad for eyes, bad for brain, bad for lungs. Try Greenshield Organics.