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Is the Hipseat worth it?

I have a baby carrier (backpack style) that did not come with the hipseat (sold separately). I need to return the carrier due to minor issue. Should I buy the hipseat baby carrier set or just exchange for the harness only? Baby seems to like the harness- I just don't understand the importance of the hipseat. Is there any "real" benefit to the "M" position or is it only for baby comfort? Also is it really worth the cost? Harness Only $18; Harness & Hipseat $56.

  • Hailey
    May 14


  • Emily
    May 14

    If it’s one of the hipseats that can be used on its own as well I would say it’s worth it. When baby gets bigger it’s great to snap on quick and have your LO on your side. Gives great relief on your back and arms too. You may want to shop around more though. There are some carriers/hip carrier sets out there that are cheaper than $56.