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Is there something I can do to prevent the fevers before they start during the teething process?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 01

    We were told that teething doesn’t actually cause fevers. It’ll raise their body temperature but once it crosses that 100.4 threshold, then there’s something else going on.

  • Christa
    Apr 02

    I also agree, teething doesn’t usually come along with a fever, but ever baby handles those pesky teeth different! Depending on how old little one is, I would suggest a small dose of children’s Tylenol. I think you can pull-up a dosing chart on google. Or if you want, the pediatricians usually have 24 hour advice nurses that are incredibly helpful!! I pester my on call nurses all the time if I’m not sure what to do, or feel like my momma instinct just isn’t cutting it!!!