Is this normal for a toddler?

Our 21-month old is always falling while playing or running. Sometimes, he hits his head... but, he cries for a bit and moves on. My husband says he's concerned about his balance. Going down the Google rabbit hole, I found balance issues could be caused by ear infections or head trauma... but, his ears don't seem to be bothering him and he doesn't seem to have a head injury. Anyone else's tot fall often or have "balance issues?" I feel silly even posting this to ask if it's normal. Could it be a vision issue?

  • Jenn
    Jul 05

    That sounds pretty normal for a 21 month old. Their bodies are changing so rapidly, that their coordination skills are always having to readjust. I worked with a family as a nanny who had a girl that always fell at that age. Her feet were HUGE for her age and she tripped over them daily. She is now 12 and super tall! If he isn't showing signs of ear distress (and trust me, I have had inner ear infections, so he would) or eye issues (look at how he looks at books or when he is just playing), then it is most likely just getting used to his ever changing body.

  • Aye
    Jul 05

    My 16 month old does the same. I worry so much about her banging her head. I’m about to put a helmet on her 😅 she likes to run fast and on her tip toes with her arms to the back like an anime character 😂 hopefully it’s a phase that passes soon

  • Sara
    Jul 05

    My older daughter was pretty clumsy as a toddler. She was always falling and hurting herself even though she would never intentionally try to do anything dangerous (extremely cautious kid). One thing that helped her a lot was getting her into a gymnastics class. She started getting more confident with her body and now at age 4 she's pretty coordinated! So, I think it's probably not something to be concerned about but you should also trust your instincts and rule out anything medical like vision or ear issues. Definitely bring it up with your pediatrician and see what tests they might recommend, if any.

  • Kendall
    Jul 05

    My son is 20 months and is always tripping and falling and banging his head, we just laugh and say it’s because he has a big head. Try not to worry. Maybe just bring it up to your ped at the next apt and see what they say :)

  • Anonymous
    Jul 05

    If he's 21 months has he even been walking for a full year? Should he have mastered this skill yet? No. Are his shoes too big? Too small? Is he over tired when it happens? Over excited? Distracted? There are a million new things to see and do for a toddler. Look up the word toddle they are the definition of unsteady. Expect bumps and bruises and scrapes for years to come. And the more they are allowed to jump and run and explore in a safe setting the more confident they will become. He will have a 2 year appointment soon, if it seems to be getting worse talk to them. At my son's 3 year appointment I asked about his eyes because he would always say he didn't see something if I pointed it out, they did a quick test, didn't see anything wrong.

  • Vicki
    Jul 05

    Likely nothing g to worry about but it never hurts to see the pediatrician if you are worried.

  • Jennifer
    Jul 06

    My son is a little over two and still falls a lot. My sister in laws baby is a girl and hardly ever falls. I’m convinced it’s a boy thing they are more daredevils

  • Vonda
    Jul 25

    I’d take him to get checked by his Pediatrician if you are concerned. They’ll be able to tell you. My son stumbles too because he’s learning to run. Kids fall a lot. It’s normal. Just make sure if they hit their head it’s not a concussion. And they’ll move on.