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I’ve been supplementing with formula

I can only produce one ounce of breast milk per pump so I add some formula to the same bottle to feed my 1 week old. I feed her at 45 degree angle and make sure there’s enough in the bottle . It seems she makes the squeaking gulping noises so I’m worried she takes in a lot of air- and she gulps down super fast. I hope that’s normal?? She seems super hungry and can gulp down 1.5 oz in 10 mins or less. Then she gets extra fussy and seems to be in pain! Not much luck burping her- occasionally she spits up a little. Anyway wanted to make sure mixing the two isn’t the root of the problem? Thanks...

  • Laura
    Jul 04

    I remember those squeaks when our daughter was tiny. So cute! Mixing formula and breast milk is perfectly fine.

  • Rita
    Jul 04

    Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother now of a 2 month old grandson so I understand your concern.The squeaking sound is normal and she will out grow it in a few months. When trying to burp, place her over your shoulder and pat her back starting from her lower back and work up toward her shoulders. Will take several times but be patient. Each feeding should be 2 oz. and burp every 1 oz. The spit up is also normal and really couldn't say when that stops as every child is different. My 20 year old son still spits up from time to time (lol). I can't provide advice on the mixing cause I didn't produce enough milk to breastfeed so i had to bottle feed. Similac sensitive is what my grandson drinks cause he was extremely fussy and gassy. Hope this helps you some. Good luck and best wishes for you and your family.

  • Megan
    Jul 05

    Have you tried Gripe Water? This worked wonders for our kids when they had trapped gas and hiccups

  • Anna
    Jul 05

    Pediatrician said gripe water doesn’t yet work for such a young bowel, only later... we do have it and attempt it from time to time