I've seen a few people here suggest baby-led weaning and I'd love more info and ideas for how to try it. My 7mo is spoon fed and seemingly loves every type of purée or mash we've given him (incl. eggs, dairy, fish, tofu). We're avoiding starches for now.

  • Christine
    Jul 12, 2017

    We have the baby led weaning cookbook. It explains the process with a timetable for introducing different foods. And has some family-friendly recipes. The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook: Delicious Recipes That Will Help Your Baby Learn to Eat Solid Foods―and That the Whole Family Will Enjoy https://www.amazon.com/dp/XXX-XXXX49X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_woUzzbPYN2XHY

  • Margaret
    Jul 12, 2017

    There's a really great website with an active and supportive forum here: http://www.babyledweaning.com I wish I did this with my son. Meal time was such an ORDEAL and I wish I relaxed more and really took to heart that at this stage it's all about exploration, self discovery, and fun. I think this is the one area I wish I could go back and do over.

  • Mary
    Jul 13, 2017

    Mine kind of weaned herself - she refused to eat from the spoon and grabbed the spoon instead! So I switched to thicker purees, cottage cheese, hummus, and everything that would stick to the spoon. And shortly after that she started grabbing her teething crackers with her thumb and forefinger, so now I just cut everything small and let her pick it up to eat.

  • Angella
    Jul 13, 2017

    I did a lot of small veggies, like peas, carrots, etc. my daughter loved the independence. Also, black bean pasta could be a great choice too!

  • Alexis
    Jul 23, 2017

    Sweet potato in a microwave bag cooks perfect in 6 min. Slice in strips my 7mon old loves it. Admittedly I first spooned it to him but I was just starting the book and hadn't realized the importance of self feeding. Also my DH hates I cook with the microwave but its really quick and cooks perfect.