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Jealous of grandmas (caregivers)


I am jealous of my caregivers/grandmas for my baby during the daytime. I miss her so much and I really get jealous when I see them interact with her because I need to work and when I get home, I need to relax so sometimes I’m on my phone catching up on life and then I feel conflicted.. But in all honestly, their interactions that I see during the exchange of caregiver. It is not indicative of how they spend their day. They are definitely also on their phones at times, just like me!! It can get boring with a baby all day 🤷‍♀️ I just have to remind myself so I enjoy every minute I get with baby and not let the jealousy take over!

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Totally understand! I’m like this too... and what’s worse is that my son cries when I take him home because he doesn’t want to leave grandma’s. At first (and occasionally still) I was jealous of their time spent together and of his preference towards her... but then I think about how much I appreciate that he loves her so much and feels safe n connected with her.. how awesome is that! (But yes, it still stings... just gotta remember that you’re a mom now and your feelings don’t matter -just kidding!) Good luck! Kids go through phases so frequently.. soon he’ll prefer you and cry every time you leave.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 05

    I had a similar moment. What made it better for me was I realIzed that I wasn’t using the time I had with her well. I made a resolution and we are tv and phone free in the evenings. I relax and watch a show and play on my phone after she goes to bed. It’s made our time together so much stronger and taken away some of my guilt.