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Juggling baby and toddler bedtimes


My two month old is ready for her good night sleep around 7pm, but my 2 year old’s bedtime is around 8:30-9. My baby sleeps well but someone needs to be close if she starts to fuss otherwise it will take a long time to calm her back to sleep. My husband gets home with my son around 6:30pm so this means I’m often leaving right after dinner to put the baby to bed. My husband and son feel abandoned when I put her to bed. How have others dealt with this?

  • Christa
    Apr 01

    Well, we aren’t in this situation just yet, but will be come October. I might suggest that instead of taking her to bed at 7 pm, just shortly after dad and big brother come home at 630, is there a way you could place her in like a cradle swing and have her out there with you while they get to see mom, and not be abandoned as soon as they get home? Our son is 14 months old and stays with me full time while husband works out of town, but this situation has crossed my mind now that we are due in 6 months. And the solution that comes to mind is having a cradle swing- which we used religiously with our son he was small- and have her our there with you, presuming she’s not a light sleeper- in which case it would help desensitize her to noises while she sleeps. Our son was and still is a super heavy sleeper- but I was also really noisy while I was pregnant with him- hair dryer, music, dogs barking and being silly, horse barns- etc. I don’t know if that helps at all, but it’s something to consider so big brother and dad don’t feel abandoned!!! Best of luck momma!

  • B
    Apr 02

    I’d either try to push babies bedtime back (and adjust naps and wake time to help), or get a monitor so that you can put her to sleep then go back from like 7:30-8:30 with the family.

  • Megan
    Apr 02

    We didn’t put our second in his own room until about 4 months old. So when he was that age we would have him downstairs with us til our bedtime. Either being held or in a swing. Once he was in his own room we started their bedtime routines together. We would have our toddler help put the baby to bed as part of her routine and than finish her routine. That helps keep her up a little later as she is older, but also keeps her included.