Labor and delivery

Anonymous Mom
Harrisburg, PA

Okay so here goes. My on/gyn is new to me bc of insurance issues and seems to be the ONLY ob on my insurance list. So he’s 82 years old and he has made so many mistakes during my pregnancy I just don’t trust him anymore and I don’t seem to have options. He doesn’t seem to have a boss bc it’s his practice? He has himself one nurse and a secretary and that’s it. In a small dirty office too. So he uses an extremely old ultrasound machine to see or read baby’s heartbeat and has never used a Doppler ever. Well I did get the insurance bill they paid $750 for him to listen to baby’s heartbeat. I have gone in a few times and about 20 weeks he told me I was having a boy and this in front of his resident who he asked her to look “he” has an erection. Needless to say I’m having a girl (genetics have said so with dna 🧬). So I had gone in to explain I believe I have cholestasis again as I just went through it with my last pregnancy (16 months ago) and asked him to test my blood for bile. He did not. He basically ignored my request”s”. I initially asked my specialist to do it but they constantly refer me to the ob. So after he denied it didn’t care I had to beg my family doctor to order the tests. I do have it again. With my last my levels were 11 and this time they are up by two points at a 13. I asked my insurance to call the ob to explain I want to deliver where I delivered my last with same problems at 36 weeks bc of this medical issue and the secretary was nasty to the insurance and told her no I’m having my child at their hospital. So I called and asked if they called in the medication for this medical issue and she said no the ob will not be in until Monday so I have four days to wait. (I found meds from my last pregnancy left over) I asked her if she told the specialist that I can’t get the meds until then and she said no. We hung up and I called the specialist as did she bc when I hung up with them my ob called me and said okay bc I’m so ANXIOUS about the meds I was just silent bc I was insulted. Anyways. I received a phone call today from my ob and he said okay so you have to be induced between 36-37 weeks and I’m scheduling you a c-section when I immediately said absolutely NOT! I have four other children born vaginally and my last child had same exact conditions. She wasn’t even at the hospital for 48 full hours. She was healthy. He then proceeded to tell me that he will check me at 36 week mark and if I’m not diamanté’s he will do the section and do tubal ligation at same time. Wtf? I want the Paraguay’s bc my that’s my choice and it lasts up to ten years. I’m not one to surgery alter my body. So after telling him this he says I will have you in to get the birth control in your arm and I again said no I can’t have that bc my body can’t do hormones. He proceeded to tell me that’s what I’m getting and he then said goodbye. Also like to add the hospital he’s referring to work out of is filthy has failed inspection three times in the last six months and I had to fight a dr there when my daughter was put in an incubator causing her extreme heat and she stopped breathing. When she was born she was NOT in an incubator nor did she have breathing issues or a hard time maintaining her temperature. I strongly feel like they will try to force my baby into the NICU for money and not bc there’s a need for it. I’m 30 weeks and baby is measuring at 3 pounds 11 oz already. When my last was born at same time and circumstances she weighed in at 6pounds 1oz and I also have been EBF (no pumping) for four years. My son till 2.5 when I went in for induction with my daughter whose now 16 months. I’m truly stuck between a rock and hard place with this insurance issue and this ob situation. Please ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.