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Laughing with no reason.

I have a three, almost 4yo son, the last two days he has been laughing by himself on different occasions apparently with no reason at all. For instance, today we were in the car on our way home and he was looking outside and started to laugh. When I asked what made him laugh he did not say. Has anyone been through the same with a toddler? Is it normal?

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04


  • B
    Mar 05

    Not saying is different than no reason. He probably thought of something silly. Preschoolers have the oddest senses of humor. Don’t stress this.

  • Amanda
    Apr 01

    I'm an adult and I do this. I'll be just off in my own world thinking and I'll think of something funny and end up laughing. Or I'll see something. Only difference is I'm old enough to have the skills to explain the thought. Vs at 4 he probably just doesn't have the emotional maturity to explain or understand why he should explain. My kid does it too but when I ask him what was funny he just says no thank you mommy and won't say so I don't pressure him.