Lazy parenting?

Does anyone else ever just feel like not doing anything or going anywhere? I try to get my kids out of the house everyday even if it’s just running errands or taking a walk, but some days even when it’s nice out I just don’t have the energy to go to the playground and socialize or chase the kids around. I can’t tell if it’s just me or if it’s normal. It seems like mostly everyone I know is always doing things and never wants to admit to letting their kids watch tv or just stay at home.

  • SoMi
    Sep 21, 2018

    Hi, i am so happy this was posted out there as I've thought the same in the past and then realized i was mistaken..I am the best that i could be with my child as a parent. Maybe not "lazy", but more of was i bad parent for not being the energizer bunny with my kid? The fact of the matter is that we are adults and my 2.5 year old toddler is a well you know-- a toddler. We have totally different interests and when you want to relax, it's our G-d given right. We are not super human machines, and the more we can take care of ourselves, the more we can GIVE to our little ones without stress/anxiety. Self-care/relaxing/de-stressing is so crucial for both the mind and body. Stress can lead to illness and that will not help you or your household. Call it whatever you want--perhaps "Relaxing," not laziness, and realize it's very much needed. Go relax daring!

  • Kye
    Sep 21, 2018

    We do things sometimes to help keep our kids active but otherwise I like staying at home

  • Rachel
    Sep 21, 2018

    We call it “Home Day” and my kids prefer it over going out in public sometimes!

  • Hippity
    Sep 21, 2018

    I take most of the lazy days that I can because believe me, when the kids grow you don’t get much of those specially when they are in middle school or high school

  • Raina
    Sep 21, 2018

    I’m glad I’m not the only one 🤣

  • Pammella
    Sep 21, 2018

    Your not lazy however,if this is something you are doing you are doing 7 days a week you could be depressed. You also just might need to get involvrd more. You could be more of a doer than a watcher. Keep in mind your children need some socialization to help develop valuable skills. Maybe setting a goal of 3 extra curriculars a month. Engage more in 2 and leave yourself free for one. You might just appreciate it and the children would too. It isnt any fun being the kids who never go.

  • Jen
    Sep 21, 2018

    On a weekend off from school I like to take them somewhere in the morning to wear them out. Then in afternoon we do inside stuff. We do go places sometimes special but I think ppl feel this pressure to always do something like a set activity. And I think a lot of this comes from ppl that feel they must post every activity on social media! We don't need affirmation from everyone else that we are awesome and are kids are having fun!

  • Shelly Gupta
    Sep 21, 2018

    No way you are lazy. Keeping up with daily chores, work, and kids is hard work. Somedays it is just hard to find that motivation to go out. I am the same way. And as someone else pointed out - staying at home brings out creativity in kids because they have to come up with ideas to keep themselves engaged. My nine year old girl has become super creative. Her imagination is boundless.

  • Mary
    Sep 21, 2018

    You have to do what works for YOU and YOUR family! We do activities, museums, play dates, library farmers market, outings, every weekday basically but I’m a stay at home mom and I am privileged to be able to guide my littles in the world in the way that suits US! Believe me, if that did not work for me I wouldn’t do it and I wouldn’t feel bad about it one bit!

  • Debi
    Sep 21, 2018

    I'm a grandma raising a 1 yr old grand daughter. I have absolutely zero energy. I feel bad cause I know she needs to get out and play. Plus I don't really know anyone around here who has kids her age.

  • Gina
    Sep 21, 2018

    It's definitely not being lazy! I'm actually the mom who likes to do a bunch of activities like we have our Little Gym class every Sat/Sun morning, we go to the playground, we go bike riding (she's on my bike), we will go run errands, have a play date, head to mall, etc. but that's just's mainly because I just don't like being cramped up in our apartment especially on a nice day so I go out but trust me there are days where I don't feel like doing anything and we just sit and chill and play with her toys inside. I know for a fact once the cold hits we won't be going many places. Her dad is the complete opposite he doesn't understand why I have activities lined up for her and he would rather just sit at home with her and watch TV and play with her toys and that is OK I don't say anything to him because if that's how he wants to spend his time with her than I'm okay with that. Every parent is different :)

  • Christa
    Sep 21, 2018

    Not at all!! I’m a stay at home mom, we have one vehicle - which I share with my in-laws periodically, and I stay at home with my son a lot! I’ve developed things around the house to keep us busy though on those days where we don’t go to the library or to the swimming pool - we may still go for a walk, but we have a big produce garden and flower gardens all over our property. If there are days where we want to go out and be outside and landscape something, or just water we do, if not we are inside making bread or some sort of goodie in the kitchen for the dogs or us, and if that’s not your thing - books are great!! Sometimes going to the library and having a stack of books on hand of how to’s is a life saver. You have the opportunity to read to your children and learn something new! Or, Google crafts that are kiddo friendly, have a movie marathon. All that said, staying at home is NOT a bad thing!!! I’m happy staying at home from town and keeping my little guy away from chaos of the world! But we still go out on occasion!!

  • Jessica
    Sep 21, 2018

    My mom over-scheduled me, and I don’t think I turned out any better for it. We have decided in our family to engage in one or two fun things, but focus on family time and a more relaxed lifestyle.

  • Agata
    Sep 22, 2018

    Haha, I love this question. Personally, I think it’s more work to stay at home all day with my kid and entertain him all day and clean up after him all day. It’s easier to pack some snacks in a backpack and drive from playground to playground and sit on the bench while he plays and come home to a clean house! So you’re opposite of lazy!!

  • Lea
    Sep 22, 2018

    I enjoy quiet home days with my kids. I think kids need down time as much as we do. One of our favorite things is homemade pizzas and a movie night at home

  • Kathryn
    Sep 23, 2018

    If I could have more lazy days at home with my son I would!!! Unfortunately he goes stir crazy being at home and always has to be on the go! Today we’ve actually been at home all day and it’s just hard to even relax lol. He has all the toys and things in the world but it’s not enough entertainment for him 😅

  • Anonymous
    Oct 02, 2018

    I’m 35 with a one year old and pregnant and we never go out. I’m exhausted and I know it’s boring at times for my kiddo but this is life. When the vomiting stops I’ll perk up and we’ll go back to our 2-3 times a week outings but for now we are couped in. Life comes and goes in phases like this. Sometimes you are so busy you don’t know which way you’re going and then there are times where you’re so bored you wonder if you ever had friends or a life lol. This is the truth for everyone despite what insta or FB says. I promise!!

  • Cris An
    Oct 16, 2018

    Not a bad thing at all. I personally think there is something wrong with people who jam pack their kids schedules with activities all the time. My sis-in-law is like that and my nephew is only 4 years old. Poor kid doesn’t know what to do with himself if they aren’t out and about. Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing. It gives the kids the opportunity to use their own brain and be creative with their own time.

  • Chaewon Farina
    Feb 13

    I have 3,2,1 year old and I hang out at home everyday with them,and I'm now pregnant again it's just too hard to go somewhere with a lot of them,but they are busy bugging me around play with me or all 3 of them play together run around,jump around I think it's better for us to stay at home no worries of losing them,getting hurt.