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Leaving the house with a newborn


Curious to hear at which point have you all ventured out of the house with a newborn. Would you suggest at 1 month or after the first shots at 2 months? And where would you go to get out of the house for a bit. It is scary with the measles and flu outbreak so I’m pretty much glued to the house right now.

  • Amanda
    Mar 04

    I left the house probably when both my kids were about 4-5 days old. If the measles outbreak is in your area I would be a little more careful since most docs don't give the MMR until age 1. I took my kids to Starbucks, the park, and Target mostly. Hubby and I started going to restaurants after 3m the first time second time around we just live our life and the new born comes too. We have a 2 year old in daycare so there really is no shielding her from germs. Just lay down the law if anyone tries to get handsie and make people stay out of the babies face and don't touch.

  • Elle
    Mar 04

    As soon as possible, it's good for your recovery, and baby will enjoy it, too! Open spaces are better than crowded or enclosed spaces (in terms of disease vectors).

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 04

    As long as you keep baby away from others And wash your hands (unless as mentioned, there is a specific concern in your area) ASAP. For your sanity! The first child people tend to stay in longer I think because 1) we can 2) were new parents who are extra nervous, but when you think about it, anyone with a toddler is bringing baby to storytimes and parks and socializing the older one. Can’t just hang out in the house for months with a toddler. Funny how life changes with the situation. Good luck!! Congrats!

  • J
    Mar 04

    First time mom here and we took our LO out a week old. My parents were in town and we all wanted to go out to eat. Just don’t let other people get close

  • Anonymous
    Mar 04

    Unless no one in your house is leaving, they’re getting exposed. Just be good about washing/sanitizing hands before touching baby. But leave the house for your sanity. I waited until 2 months to fly on a plane but otherwise was out an about. Baby always was in a carrier or car seat/stroller and no one can touch him.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 04

    She was 4 days old. Unless you're all at home there's really no point in not going out

  • Kristin
    Mar 04

    We went to the beach when my baby was then few days old, as soon as I was able to move better after my c-section then. As for the flu & measles, just make sure that people you know & visiting the baby are vaccinated, practicing proper hygiene ie washing their hands etc, we just covered the baby w/ a lightweight stroller cover but he didn’t like it as much so we just let him enjoy the ocean breeze. We didn’t initially bring him to crowded indoor places as much the first few days, outdoors like beach, parks, outdoor dining, etc.

  • Amy
    Mar 05

    We waited about a week for our first non-doctor outing - lunch at a cafe, and she stayed in the car seat/stroller - it was more for my sanity! We didn't really take her out much where she'd get more germ exposure for about 2 months, though I took her on my errands and such occasionally but left her in the car seat.

  • Allison
    Mar 08

    Wear baby! Less likely that others will touch him/her. My first ventures were to the local grocery store and I kept her in her car seat but there was this one employee who would touch her every time! She meant well and I would never say anything but I worried. She was fine though! Didn’t get her first cold until 9 months old (and at daycare since 4 months old). Made me realize how resilient they are!

  • Lily
    Apr 02

    We moved from Seattle to Texas when our baby was 1 month old, drove the whole way. As long as you wash your hands and keep people away from the baby you should be fine. It is really good for you to get out of the house.