Let's appreciate and support our teachers!

This post from an ex-Kindergarten teacher has been making the rounds lately. What do you think? I don't agree with everything she says, but I do think teachers can only be effective when they have the support of the parents. Give them the benefit of the doubt, assume they are acting in good faith and trying to help your child learn and grow. Sometimes that process is painful and difficult but we are all in it together! https://www.someecards.com/news/news/ex-kindergarten-teacher-quit-viral/

  • Anonymous
    Jul 09

    I’m not a teacher but I work in the classroom. I think the parent situation is just one little part of the problem. A lot of them work all day and don’t have the time to be involved in their children’s schooling but I do think they want the best for their children. I think the biggest issue is lack of support from administration. I have schools bragging about how their amount of detentions dropped because teachers now get in trouble for giving too much detention. It is a modern stereotype that parents get mad when their children get in trouble but in reality it is the school district. We aren’t allowed to discipline kids anymore. I got lectured for confiscating a phone that I even let the kid come get it at the end of the day instead of making their parents pick it up. The kid wasn’t even mad he was grateful that I didn’t tell his parents he got his phone taken but I got to hear this lecture from the front office about “maintaining our numbers” and blah blah blah. They even made it so I can’t send kids to the office for acting out anymore because “I’m not the teacher”. Kids will sit there and cuss me out and I have to take it and hope that the teacher decides to do something about it. They often don’t. Kids learn fast what they can get away with so, obviously, they act out because they know I can’t do anything about it. School districts care more about their “good numbers” and image than they do about the well being of the kids.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 09

    I’ve been teaching for 10 years and am heading out of the field due to many of these issues. I agree with the district being the source of the issue. Parents not being available is just adding fuel to the fire. Many kids don’t have boundaries set at home. The amount of behavior problems. Serious behavior problems has tripled in my classroom in the last 10 years. You simply cannot teach effectively while watching 6-7 kids out of the corner of your eye, because any one of them may throw a tantrum of dangerous proportions. Run away, throw a table, stab someone with their pencil. Its extremely stressful.

  • Raven
    Jul 10

    I’ve only been teaching for about 6 years and I feel the same way. I’m tired and searching for new positions. It’s sad because I love my babies but just not worth the struggle.

  • Jillian
    Jul 13

    Yup! I worked at a high school for 5 years. After 1.5 years I was ready to be done but stayed another 3.5. I am a RN so was teaching medical classes that were all elective so thought it'd be easier as they chose those classes but nope. I had parents yell at me and send me rude emails regarding their child's grades and they'd never believe me when I told them their behavior in class and absences. I got so tired of everything their child did wrong in school was because of something I didn't do right. I'm back in clinical pediatric nursing and such a change as now parents want to hear my advice and expertise in the area. They appreciate what I do. They don't blame me for their child's illness/disease. Also, when I clock out, I'm done and don't work anymore off the clock. It's much more satisfying when I'm not yelled at and blamed all day. (Also a nice bonus not hearing the F word a dozen times before 8am-but parents never believe that's their child!) I know many teachers don't have this situation like I did to leave to something more satisfying but I hope this experience will help me be a more understanding parent when/if my child has issues with school and "the teacher".

  • Brian
    Oct 03

    I wholeheartedly agree!! This is pretty spot on