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LO will only stop crying when held or on top of mom or dad

My LO is 7 weeks, turning 2 months on Saturday. It’s been a struggle getting things done around the house and having a second to myself as my LO is only comfortable being held or on top of mom or dad. We have tried the swing and longest he will stay without crying is a few minutes unless asleep. I have tried a bouncer chair which he cries as soon as he’s put in. We also have him play on his baby gym on his back and that will last maybe 10 minutes at a time. I don’t want him to have bad habits where he will only be happy on mom or dad.

  • Ivy
    Aug 22

    My first was very much like that. I had to baby wear him a lot. He grew out of that need very quickly, as soon as he began moving around on his own. It really was so hard getting anything done when all he wanted was to be held. Carrying him on my back in a wrap or carrier made it easier to do things

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Aug 22

    You cannot build a bad habit by holding a baby who wants to be held, especially that young. That is an old wives tale that older parenting generations tell us for some weird reason. You could wear baby (definitely a life saver for me), so you can get more done. You are coming up on the “period of purple crying” so it’s likely just part of his development. I have 4 under age 5, and I have worn and held my kids almost on demand until toddler ages (12-15 months), and when I turn them down it’s usually because I’m busy cooking/cleaning/helping another child and none of them expect to be held all the time and are very independent at play and sleep but all love their cuddle time (like most humans, kids or adults). :)