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Long naps

My 6 weeks at times sleep for 7 hours, unless I wake her up for feeds? Has someone experience this? Is it ok to let Them sleep that long.. she is more than her birth weight

  • Jenn
    Jun 03

    Is she sleeping that long during the day or night? If it is during the day, I would suggest waking her because it sounds like she has day-night confusion. This way she will start to sleep those longer stretches at night

  • Jackie
    Jun 03

    I agree with Jenn. If she’s sleeping that long during the day you will need to help her get her days straight. After about 1 month I stopped waking the baby during night to feed. I let her wake me instead so mama got some rest!

  • Harsha
    Jun 04

    During nights also I have to wake her for feed, but yes at that time when she is up for feed she doesn’t sleep easily after feeds during night.. I am super stressed since I don’t know if someone has experienced it and if it’s ok, since most of the kids do not sleep beyond 2-3 hours and get up for feed