Looking to get my 3 year old a bunk bed (won't access the top for a while) because we're moving his younger brother into the crib within the next month. I like the look of ones at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, but hoping to get some recs from mamas currently using one with their kiddos. TIA!

  • Elizabeth
    Aug 01, 2017

    We have a pottery barn one and love it! The top bunk has a very high weight limit, which means I can get up there to read/snuggle with my 6 year old--very sturdy and worth the money in my opinion. It can also come apart into 2 beds.

  • Lizzy
    Aug 01, 2017

    We got one from Ikea that transitions from a regular twin bed to a "bunk bed" with play area underneath. My daughter loves it right now and can't wait to use it as a bunk bed in a couple of years.

  • Kt
    Aug 03, 2017

    We got a 'loft bed'- not as high as bunk bed. 2 year old on bottom (which is just a mattress) and 4 yr old on top. I just want to warn you of two things I didn't realize.... how rough the stomach flu is on the top bunk and that it's hard to have story time in them. (Unless you get a very sturdy nice one!) Besides that, we love our loft bed.