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Low temperature

I kept my 2 year old home from school today because she had a low grade fever but no other symptoms. She is drinking fluids, eating, and still sleeping through the night. Her temp was 101 last night and had no temp all day and right now is back to 100.5. She has had two loose and strong smelling BMs but other than that has been normal all day. If she wakes up in the morning without a temp, do I take her to school?

  • Destinee
    Mar 18

    I think they want you to keep them home unless they’ve gone 24 hours without a fever, but don’t quote me on that

  • Lindsay
    Mar 18

    Yes that's true. Called school earlier. So we are staying home! Thanks!

  • Cathy
    Mar 19

    They usually have to be fever free for 24 hours without any fever reducing meds. What helps me is - would I want another parent to bring their child in to school the way my child is? If I answer no then I keep him home.