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Mamas. I need your complete honesty.


Multiple kids. And by multiple I mean two.... What are your thoughts. I love the idea of my little have a sibling. But other than that, I feel like my anxiety will multiply, again! What are you pros and cons. And yes. I know. This is theeeee weeiirrddest post. And I wouldn’t have to post here if I for sure wanted another. But I’m going back and forth honestly.

  • Jessica
    Nov 11

    I have two boys who are 16 months apart. I think the hardest part for me was trying to get both of them into the same schedule. Once the schedule/routine was established I think it made the days easier. My kids have been easy newborns so it wasn’t too bad for me, but every situation is different. I didn’t worry about things that were out of my control- I always gave them the same attention and encouraged my oldest to help feed baby brother, etc to make him feel included. Now they are 3 1/2 and almost 2 1/2 and I love the bond that they have. I mean they obv have their sibling moments but they really play well with one another! I just found out that I’m about 8 weeks pregnant- I think when this next baby comes the boys will be able to help out more since they are older and will make it a bit more relaxing in the beginning. Good luck in your decision!

  • Casidhe
    Nov 11

    My son is 22m and my daughter is 6m I wouldn’t do it any other way! I want two more once these two starts pre-K the same age gap. They’re go great with each other.

  • Jenn
    Nov 12

    We have two, on the fence for three. I would have five if money weren’t part of the equation. Our girls are 3 yrs apart and will be 2 school yrs apart. It’s hard but I just heard from recent advice - if you’re still questioning, then You’re probably not done. Personally, however, one to two was waaaaay harder than zero to one. Our first was a dream baby and our second was a stage five clinger (minus the creepy part.)We got both our kids sleeping at two mos but I couldn’t do anything during the day w/o holding her or letting her just scream. Now that’s she a toddler, things have normalized but it was ROUGH first yr. None of this matter though, there’s no way to determine what the experience will be for you. The speculation will drive you mad, just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Or just say f*ck it! and see what happens

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 12

    I have 4 kids, each about 17-21 months a part from reach other. I can’t advise you one way or another, but here are some things to consider: having a baby the second time is not nearly the traumatic adjustment having the first one is. Much of it is not new and you have built in muscle memory on solving baby problems you didn’t the first time around. Also, if you have them 3-5 years apart the older one often can help a bit and is able to play on their own/ attend some kinda school, or just simply not as taxing as two toddlers, but still close enough in age to play together when they’re young. Still, you will have to split your time more, and there will he fights between them. It’s really a very personal decision on both if and when you have another. I hope you find peace in a decision soon.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 15

    I have twins and it was SO hard in the beginning but now they just play all the time! Sometimes, I think omg ... if they didn’t have each other I’d have to be sitting on the floor playing dollhouse all day. 😂🤦‍♀️ That to me sound terrible. On the negative side ... there is twice as many things to lug around twice as many car seats to buckle, twice as much to pay for. But I love it anyway ... if money and time weren’t an obstacle I’d have 2 more. Lol