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Mama’s w/ Two kids under Two:


Me & my husband are wanting to have another kid soon, but first I would like to get the pros/con, suggestions etc of what other moms have went through, struggled with, loved, disliked etc with having two kids under two. TIA!

  • PK
    Aug 26

    I don’t have two under two but my friend who has a 2 year old and a newborn told me that one of them is always crying. Can’t have them both be happy at the same time.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 26

    I have 2 under 2 and it's really hard but I definitely dont regret it at all. It's exactly what you'd expect... busy and lots of diapers haha. They love eachother already! Do it, the hard phases won't last forever and it'll be worth it

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Aug 26

    I have had 2 under 2, and now have 4 under age 5, each 17-20 months apart from the other. The pros: 1) knock out pregnancies quick (I hate being pregnant, love having kids) 2) they have an incredible bond and within 1-2 years entertain themselves together giving you more free time than if it was an only child who needed a play companion at home 3) you still have all your baby stuff and your car seats are not expired 4) you don’t forget what it was like and you pick back up with baby two much quicker 5) you overlap sleepless nights, most say parents lose sleep until age 5 or so, so why not have less years of less sleep? Cons: 1) they will fight, and it’s up to you to set the tone and standards early on so they play well together 2) your pregnant with a toddler- that is hard! 3) some days it does feel like someone is always crying, somedays you feel like the master of the world when everyone is happy 4) you spend lots of time like all day being patient and understanding which doesn’t come easily 5) most days you won’t get as much done as you want to, until they’re older. I personally love having them close together. But it is not for everyone, it can be chaotic and loud, and exhausting and patience trying. But it can also be awesomely chaotic and loud, and wonderful to see your tiny children work together to build forts, care for play baby toys, and cook you play dough meals. I hope this helps you make a decision!

  • Chay
    Aug 27

    I have 2 under 2 and it's so much easier than I thought it was going to be! Don't get me wrong, some days are super tough, but it's definitely not as hard as I expected. And my 2 boys, 7mo and 19mo ADORE each other!

  • Jennie
    Aug 29

    I had 2 under 2 (now I have 5 under 8) and I loved it. The first few months are tough but once you get into a good routine, it's great. Now they are 7 & 8 and it's awesome because they're basically at the same development levels and want to do things together. I wish my other kids were closer in age, to be honest.

  • Sierra
    Aug 30

    It’s been much harder than I imagined for me. My oldest was really jealous no matter how much I tried to do all the right things to help them bond. It did get better with time though, 80% of the time they both love playing together. What was the hardest for me was combining both their schedules and that they both needed and wanted my full attention at the same time and fought to have it. I had to figure out how to play with them and make sure they were both learning what they should be for thier ages or just keep them entertained long enough for me to cook a meal without one or both of them crying or burning everything or me loosing my mind and crying. To this day I can’t get both of them to sleep at the same time. I swear they will always and forever have stinky diapers BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. It’s hectic and crazy and teaching my oldest how to be easy and share has been intense for us. but seeing my 2 year old actually teach things to my 1 year old makes me so effing happy and proud. Watching them learn to have fun together, how they literally scream and squeal in excitement when they play together is just beautiful.