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Mark on child's arm from school


What would you do if your very verbal 2.5yo came home with a red mark all around their wrist? I asked "what happened why is your arm red?" and my daughter said the teacher pulled her. I asked why did she pull you? She said because it was naptime. I asked her if she was in her bed at naptime she said no i was not in my bed. I asked what did you say when the teacher pulled you. She said "I didn't say don't do that" (which is what she's taught to say if she doesn't like what someone is doing). I asked what did the teacher say when she pulled you. She said the teacher didn't say anything. I talked with the teacher and the school admin. The teacher's response was that she didn't touch her, but then she went on to say that my daughter had been out of bed to get books during naptime and said "I don't remember pulling her." My husband asked my daughter the same "what happened?" question hours later (mark was still visible by 7pm although nap at school ends around 2pm) and she responded the same way. I also asked her about it the next day and she still repeated the same story. I don't know why she would make it up, and given the mark and some of the behaviors I've witnessed from the teacher previously, I'm inclined to believe it. I have already made the decision about taking my daughter out of the school (which I really liked for the most part), but I'm just thinking in addition to contacting childcare licensing should I file a police report? I really think this person is experiencing "burn out" and is unable to cope well when frustrated with small children. I would hope this was a one-time mistake but I just want to do my due diligence to protect others, especially since some children in the class are not so verbal.

  • Anne
    Apr 19

    If you think there is possible danger to other children in the daycare, then the safest course of action is to contact local law enforcement as well as file a license complaint. When you file a license complaint, the agency will send someone to make an unannounced visit within some amount of time — in California it is 10 days. They'll make sure the daycare is in compliance and talk to the teacher about what happened. The problem is that an incident like this can be hard to investigate 2 weeks after the fact. The police are more likely to follow up right away, and if you have other photos or evidence to add to the report, it can help support your licensing complaint. Sorry this happened, especially since it was a school you otherwise liked. Reporting through the proper channels is definitely the right way to go; even if they can't substantiate this incident it will be on the record in case another parent reports something similar.

  • Morgan
    Apr 20

    I would file a complaint and pull her out of the school

  • Jennifer
    Apr 25

    Definitely file a complaint and pull her out of school. Please contact law enforcement and file license complaint. This is a form of abuse. It is unacceptable! My daughter is highly active and had hard time taking naps in the beginning when she attended preschool. She would get up and run around, but the teachers were calm and knew how to handle her. Having a wrist mark like that will make me storm to school and bitch at the teacher. I'm sorry but I would never allow anyone to harm my kids like that and I apologize for my language!

  • Jennifer
    Apr 25

    Please let us know what happened and what steps you took as I'm very concern for the safety of your daughter and the kids at that school.

  • anonymous mom
    May 22

    Any updates?? A similar thing happened to my cousins son yesterday. The center is blowing it off, she’s contacting the local authorities to determine next steps. Children at this age are not liars.