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Marriage Difficulties- Business comes first


Hi just stumbled upon this forum and thought would write a post. I have been married for 10 years and my husband has his own business. We have one young child at junior school. When we met I was more financially successful and he decided to set up his own business and I gave up my career to be a Mum. The business has gone from strength to strength but recently hit a few problems. In the early days he worked till 10pm most nights to organically grow the business but then would still work as late when business going well. Since a few issues with the business he works till 2am ( his office now based at home) although he doesnt get up till 10am as he's so tired. How do people cope being alone most of the time mid week and some weekends? I have lost total control and independence and in the hands now of someone who works all the time? This is probably the nice version of the fairytale hahaha so much more but just throwing it out more positively...

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    Jan 27

    I have my own business and so does my husband so I understand the complexities that come with this situation. Both of us work at home a lot and both of us have some travel as well. In my experience when you own your own business you need to get really good at setting healthy boundaries in order to reduce stress. Ultimately, this both allows you to prioritize the people you love and be more successful (because you are working in a better state, not exhausted etc). Caring conversations about setting healthier boundaries around work life help a lot. It also sounds like you may want to focus on what you want to do to have your needs for more social time/less alone time met in other ways so you don’t feel like you’ve lost control and independence (eg have friends over even on weeknights) and that the support of a professional who works with couples could be a huge help in having both your needs met. Wishing you all the best.