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Can mastitis go away on its own? I’m not sure if I even have it... I woke up yesterday and my breast felt bruised. Today there is a red coloring and a large lump under. I’m still able to nurse/pump, and it isn’t super painful. I’m not sure if I should go in to the doctor to avoid it getting worse... or just ride it out n see if it’ll go away on its own?

  • Jenn
    Jun 27, 2019

    It could just be a clogged duct right now. Keep nursing and take hot showers. Strongly massage that part to try to get the clog out before it becomes mastitis

  • Ivy
    Jun 27, 2019

    Mastitis can go away. I get them so often and have had them through all my kids. When the fever sets in, it’s like death...! I’ve only used antibiotics for it twice, and it didn’t help with anything except to bring my temperature down. I still had a horrible migraine and felt sick and sore. I usually ride it through because I get yeast infections very easily from antibiotics, even when I take probiotics. But yes, massage, and switch nursing positions. I pretty much tried everything I found on the internet. I take lecithin pills too, as it supposedly thins the milk consistency to avoid clogging

  • PK
    Jun 27, 2019

    Don’t wait for mastitis to go away on its own. Once you have a fever or feel the slightest bit under weather, get antibiotics. First time I had it, i thought it would just go away on its own but I ended up waiting too long before seeking medical attention and was hospitalized for 5 days. It might just be a clogged duct at this point so really work at it... use hot towels, hot showers, and massage it out. Look into taking soy lecithin to help loosen up those clogged ducts as well. I got clogged ducts a lot so I just took those daily. If you do get antibiotics for it, make sure you go out and get some probiotics for yourself to avoid yeast infections.

  • Sara
    Jun 28, 2019

    I wouldn’t wait to go get it checked out. The antibiotics work really quickly, and mastitis can get really out of control if not treated right away (I had to ultimately have breast surgery for an abscess caused by a bad case of mastitis, so from experience, I would definitely recommend not messing around with it! From initial signs to abscess was just a couple of days.). Good news is, the diagnosing and treatment (antibiotics) are a piece of cake and they really knock it out so quickly!