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Meal planning for a picky toddler


I'm a stay at home mom with a 16 month old who does very well with solids (as far as chewing) but is extremely picky and will almost always prefer breastmilk over anything else. Any tips or tricks for meal planning for the both of us throughout the day? Breakfast lunch and snacks for the two of us and dinner for us plus daddy. I have to get better at this as our food budget isn't very big and I'm not the best with sticking to a meal plan.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Crock pot for life! You can put in lunch for you two in the morning and after lunch put in some chicken breasts or a thawed roast. There are billions of easy recipes. For breakfast my son loves when I make mini pancakes. I can make a billion and freeze them. Or eggs baked in cupcake sheet with cheese and bacon or sausage. Just writing out a list really is what helped me stay on budget and stick to my meal plans

  • Leah
    Jan 05

    Since you didn’t specify diet, but I know this to be a very cheap way to eat, I’ll share one of my personal favorites 💚