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Merlin’s Suit Transition/Face Down Sleeper/Torticollis?

My 5 month old has been rolling in her summer sleep Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, so we have still put her in the heavier, bigger winter one. She has started trying really hard to roll in that one as well, so I called the company and they recommended I transition her out of that one too. They suggested keeping the room really cool and putting her in 2 cotton sleepers and a sleep sack to give it weight. I tried today and she took a great nap. However, I just tried to put her back down for another nap this afternoon, and she figured out she could roll over in it. Instead of turning her head, she keeps her head straight down and won't turn it. She does this regularly when she's awake and on her belly doing tummy time, too. She got really upset and was freaking herself out. She usually turns her head on both sides to look at things and also turns her head to both sides when she sleeps on her back...but could it be Torticollis? Or what...any ideas??

  • Jenn
    Feb 11

    My LO did that when she first started rolling over in her sleep. I would just roll her back or turn her head for her. I'd say within a week, she was turning her head to the side herself. Id say let her roll, especially during the day while you are awake so she can practice. If she is face down, go in and gently turn her head to the side a bit. As long as her nose is free, it is fine.

  • Anna
    Feb 11

    Thanks, Jenn! We actually decided to order this: Just wanted to have peace of mind! I’m sure she will learn, but it’d be nice in the meantime not to be up every 5 minutes panicking.

  • Cheryl
    Feb 11

    I agree with Jenn. My LO rolls over in his crib and likes to fall asleep with his face in the mattress. I gently turn his head. He’s NEVER liked sleeping on his back. I tried everything and eventually gave up. I just check on him as soon as he falls asleep and whenever I’m up in the night. Just last night he turned his head by himself.