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Mighty Max (10 mos) doesn’t hold his own bottle yet

... nor does he look like he even wants to. He would cry before he puts his arm out to grab it. Which is why he still isn’t on solid foods yet. Helpppp

  • Destin
    Oct 06, 2019

    My daughter is 11 months and doesn’t hold her own bottle yet either, but she still feeds herself solid foods by picking them up. I also will spoon feed her some stuff as well. Our pediatrician says around one year she will be needed to be taken off formula so milk and solids is all she will be getting. We started by spoon feeding purées and then allowing her to be up small pieces of foods that she could chew. Maybe try that...just because he isn’t holding his own bottle doesn’t mean he can’t feed himself in other ways. He may just prefer you holding it for him. 😊👍

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06, 2019

    Neither of mine held their own bottles. One was pincer grasp expert by 7 months, the other at 5 months when we started solids. Only criteria for feeding solids is good head and neck control, and their tongue thrust reflex if gone, which is why 6 months is the recommendation for solids. I've never read anything about not giving solids if they won't hold their bottle. You will need to encourage and help them feed when you start, and probably have to put things in their mouth, they won't just know. But the longer you wait the more likely they will have feeding issues later.

  • Marilyn
    Oct 06, 2019

    Definitely start solids, especially finger foods. Feeding himself will start encouraging independence. But my son had the same issue and during bottle time i would have him on my lap facing forward and i would help him hold the bottle. So i would hold his grasp around the bottle took a while but he got the hang. But i also have never heard anything about not starting solids if child can’t hold bottle.