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Mil jealous of babysitting


My daughter is 1 1/2 and I have left her with someone other than daycare 3 times. Two times my husband and once my cousin who is like a sister to me, the only person I trust and an Rn. We are going to a wedding tomorrow and my husband mentioned to his mother that my cousin was watching our daughter. She asked why she couldn’t and what the problem was and my husband was like “eh she just wants her to do it. “ So my MIL doesn’t respect me and my opinions on parenting or anything I want with my house or family, she doesn’t know cpr or first aid, she makes waves over dumb things for my husband and I. I just feel that I wouldn’t be comfortable while away from my daughter if anyone other than my cousin was watching her. Am I wrong???

  • Anonymous
    Jun 10

    I’m sorry to say hun but this will always be an issue. I feel better with my mom babysitting vs mil and it’s always an issue. It’s tit for tat and it’s not fair.. bonding doesn’t come with spending time alone or how much. I have family overseas whom I rarely see that I Love just as much as the ones here. It’s a mom thing that dad’s won’t understand and mil take advantage of. It hurts our relationship so much but as long as she feels good.