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Mirena scare

Just had a health scare...I had the Mirena IUD inserted three years ago. Six weeks ago my breasts started leaking and I developed lumps; there is no history of breast cancer in my family. Went to the doctor a week ago, the nurse practitioner said it can't be the Mirena because I had it for three years. Went to the cancer center today for diagnostic 3D x-rays and ultrasound. Fibrocystic breasts with lumps and discharge due to the hormones in Mirena. You may want to get the non-hormonal one.

  • Stephanie
    Apr 22

    Hello i had a c-section which healed well. I just got paraguard in february, its non hormonal but gives really bad cramps and heavy flow. My period was never heavy until now and cramps werent that bad. My period is coming normally now. I hopefully read right that it gets better after 6 mo. B4 i was pregnant I had lumps or cysts in both my breasts. They said it wasnt cancerous thank God. I hope to not get them again.