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Missing cap cover


What do you do with the bottle when you lose the cap (cover)? This is so annoying, people want to feed the baby and just place the cap wherever and it ends up missing or lost.. I don’t wanna toss the whole bottle though.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 08

    I literally don't use the cap covers. Ever. Can't you just put a cap cover from a different bottle on the one you are using? Or just wipe the nipple off if you are worried about germs, or take the cover before someone feeds them so you know where it is. Or put a name on it so if at daycare they know who's it is.

  • PK
    Apr 08

    Never had this issue.. but an idea - Saran Wrap/ziplock bag + rubberband.

  • Mariah
    Apr 08

    I don’t even have the caps anymore lol they pretty much all disappeared!

  • Aye
    Apr 10

    At home it’s not an issue, but it’s such a huge pet peeve. I just like everything to have it’s parts 😅 it’s when we got out that’s annoying because I don’t want leakage, dust/particles/germs.. I’m anal I know. It’s just when other people dad/family members feed them or when we’re on the go it gets lost 😩 I tried finding it online but no luck so I might try the bag and rubber band