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Missing cutoff for school

My son has an October birthday and the cutoff for school is September 30. In the long run, I’m thrilled for this - he will be the oldest kid in his class, and I know that a lot of boys need some extra time to be kindergarten ready. The question is what to do now. He’s 15 months. Do I push him into the 2-year old room in the fall? Let him have private kindergarten at his preschool then repeat kindergarten at public school? Or should he stay in the toddler room next year, and he’ll go to the 2s in 2020? This way, he’ll only do public school kindergarten. I’m not worried about his cognitive ability to be in the 2-year old room. He’s frustratingly smart sometimes. And I don’t want him to be bored in the toddler room next year. But, he is tiny for his age. So for him, the considerations would be his size (small in general plus young). Also any social/emotional maturity things he may be lacking. I don’t know where he falls in these areas now. Some people have suggested transitional kindergarten. But our preschool/public school district doesn’t offer it. He’d have to go to a different school for that. I’m not sure I like him going to 3 schools in 3 years... My husband is taking him to the pediatrician today for his 15 month wellness visit. Having him ask the pediatrician his opinion is on my list. And we have a meeting with the preschool principal on Monday. But I thought I’d ask other mommas out there. Thanks!

  • Andrea
    Jan 18

    We have the opposite problem. In nyc, the cutoff is December 31 and my son was born December 24. And they don’t allow you to voluntarily hold your child back unless there is an administrative paper trail recommending it. We have pushed for him to be in the older classes as much as possible because we want him ready when kindergarten starts next year. We want to be sure that he’s around kids who are going to be in the same class as him so that it’s less of an adjustment when he’s in public school. Similarly, it might make sense for you to have your LO in with the kids that he’ll eventually be going to school with so that it’s less of a shock when that time comes.

  • Cathy
    Jan 18

    I totally get it. My son is a December birthday so he will be closer to 6 when he goes to Kindergarten. While I don’t like the WAY that sounds, I acknowledge that teachers are the professionals and they will challenge him to go where he needs to be academically. Even if you “push” him into the toddler room for the Fall, that ultimately won’t make a huge impact since it’s the public school that will make the ultimate decision in a few years. Children can adapt to new situations very quickly and keep in mind that he will be older - so my input would be to place him in that transitional Kindergarten room before he goes, rather than “repeat” the same class and be bored. I think that this transitional class would be better to equip and prepare him for Kindergarten. That’s just my two cents :)

  • Tiana
    Jan 18

    Don’t push him. Worst case scenario is he thrives in private kindergarten and then has to repeat a year for no reason and is bored.

  • riley
    Jan 18

    Check what the state requirements are transitional kindergarten or TK.... it's for children born sept-dec!! Not as demanding as kinder and more structured than preschool! Good luck!

  • Amanda
    Jan 18

    My son was due Oct 29 (born August 6) and we were just approved for TK. So he’ll do the 3 schools in 3 years as he’s in preschool now at 4. I don’t see a problem with that. Do the TK program if you can, since they say kinder is now what 1st grade used to be. Before preschool my son has attended daycare since he was 1, and I’ve not had concerns about “pushing” him to learn more than what he is during play.

  • B
    Jan 18

    I have a similar problem. At 2 ish they’ll move her to the next room at daycare, which is preschool. But it isn’t comparable to the public preschool here so I’m not worried.