Morning everyone! This is my first post, really hoping I get helpful feedback 🙏🏼

So my 9 year old has been sleep walking since he was probably 6 or so, but just recently he’s been sleep walking but acting scared and trembles a bit as if he was scared of something around him. Last night he did it and i just hugged him and said I loved him as I prayed with him as well. I tried talking to him this morning to try and find out if he was stressing about something or to see if something was bugging him. He just said it’s bad nightmares. Any advice on how I can help him??? 😞

  • B
    May 07

    You should take him to do a sleep study

  • Katherine
    May 08

    Does he know the details of the nightmare? If I had a nightmare my mom would have me tell her what it was about to help me. Good luck!

  • Brian
    May 08

    Sounds like night terrors. I used to get them and so did my brother. Our parents used to just speak calmly to us and lay us down until we fell back asleep or gently and slowly wake us up all the way. Neither of us remembered doing it or were aware of what was going on, and we Both grew out of it eventually. Nothing to be too worried about, but if it’s combined with sleep walking you want to make sure they’re safe of course. I’d definitely talk to a doctor for some additional advice.

  • Stacey
    May 09

    Definitely should get a sleep study done and maybe see a psychologist who uses hypnosis. They can help get to the root of the terrors.

  • Morgan
    May 10

    You should ask his pediatrician about doing a sleep study