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Most important factors in deciding where to live?


An opportunity came up for us to move back to my home state (Maine). We have lived in Houston, Texas for almost two years. It is where my son was born, where my husbands family lives, but we have seen no progress in setting roots through getting a permanent home or anything, so it wouldn’t be a difficult transition back. We are feeling conflicted because where one place is bad, the other is good and opposite. Maine is clean, outdoor-oriented, has good education, etc. Texas is diverse, provides a place to try a lot of new things, new foods, meet many people, could provide more opportunity in that aspect. My question is... what are the most important aspects of somewhere in deciding if it’s the right place for your family? Health-factors (Houston has extremely poor air quality)? Opportunity? Climate (Maine winter is long and cold)? We feel so stuck.

  • PK
    Mar 30

    Where would you be the most financially stable? What is cost of living like? Would the air quality in Texas affect your health enough where it would hinder any of you from being happy? With a long cold winter.. do you feel like you have the tools to engage your son until it warms up enough to go play outside again? If you were to move to Maine, would you still have the same amount of opportunity to travel? If you have the opportunity to travel.. you could live in Maine and travel to diverse places so you can try new foods and experience new things. As far as trying new foods too... you can just attempt to diversify your cooking and try to cook new things. The internet is a great resource for recipes. I think important factors vary from family to family. I’ve never been to Texas but I did have a friend who went to school there and had to transfer out because she got so sick from the air that she couldn’t make it to classes. That would be enough for me to not want to be there. But then again.. if it’s not affecting your family, then is that really an important factor?

  • Emily
    May 18

    What is your list of must-haves and important resources for a place to live? Do you still have family in Maine? If not, then is it important to have the extended family close? How does his family feel about you moving (if you guys are close). Texas and Maine are very different. What place is more in line with you are as parents/people? Weather is easy to navigate. I grew up on the east coast and loved the winters - it never stopped me from going outside. Not that I’m on the west coast I miss the seasons most of all.