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Multicultural and bilingual families

My husband and his family grew up in a third-world country. His parents don't speak very much English. Their theory on raising kids is that if they could survive in their home country, this won't hurt em', which doesn't work for me. And since they've raised so many kids, they really don't take any advice on what works for my LO. In my husband's culture the kids don't talk back to their parents or give them advice out of respect and this prevents him from saying anything. The last thing is, I don't speak their language well and my husband has to translate most of what I say, which puts him in the middle and his parents end up being upset with him for saying something. I need help from anyone who understands how to communicate to my in-laws that there are some things I don't agree with or times when I won't take their instructions on how to care for my child.

  • Kelly Lieu
    Jun 06, 2018

    Ultimately.. It's your kid. They had time to parents their own kids now it's yall turn. Let them know that you will hear them out and take suggestions but you have the final say because they are your kids to raise/parent. If they want to see their grandkids often and have a good relationship with everyone then they won't fuss too much.