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Multiple kiddos all under 5


So does anyone have some tips on how to manage discipline when there r multiples (a set of twins) along w three other kiddos? All at different stages and I need help managing the constant need for attention from all seems qhen I need to discuss discipline w one is exactly qhen the others want to act up oj know it's all normal but any tips would be greatly appreciated! I take the one out of the situation but the other three come running behind!

  • Dana
    Dec 22, 2018

    Wow wow! I’ve only got a 2.5yo and a 16mo and I’m impressed you can a minute to write! Honestly doubt I’ve got advice... but I think first of classroom management techniques. Can look them up but giving jobs and tasks, sometimes extra responsibility to the one needing most attention... and lots and lots of talk and explanation. No real responsibility over his little sister but I do ask the older one to help her, see what she needs, keep an eye on what’s she’s doing.. it’s taken a while but he’s getting pretty good at it. Are most issues over something similar?

  • Jessica
    Dec 23, 2018

    Kim you’re a super mom! No advice just 👏🏻

  • Susan
    Dec 23, 2018

    I second Jessica above, you are my hero, I’m struggling keeping my sanity with a 2.5 & 1 yo... bravo, lady! I wish I had better insight to give, but when my toddler starts to mirror the baby’s behavior when I am disciplining her I just ignore it and she stops quick... I’m sure it’s a bit more challenging in your case though... good luck!

  • MommyDear
    Dec 24, 2018

    Oh lord! And I thought handling a 2yr and a 5mo was challenging... you my dear seem to have things under control for the most part which remember that if we don’t go insane and do a few mess-ups from time to time then we’re not doing parenting right 😂 The kiddos are pretty young and still developing, therefore, there’s only so much they’ll understand at this age but I would say patience, perseverance and be consistent. Other then that, you can create a time of day for a group hug and that way everyone gets a little love & a little attention.