Music on Pandora

Does anyone have any recommendations on kids music other than kidsbop on Pandora? It's basically the same songs,but kids singing it.

  • Juliet
    Mar 02

    Casper babypants

  • KF
    Mar 02

    Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, and Baby Shark radio on Pandora

  • Zach
    Mar 03

    Try listening to the Okee Dokee Brothers

  • Jenn
    Mar 03

    We listen to toddler songs. We love it because of the repetition and rhyme which will help her when she starts to read.

  • Meg
    Mar 04

    We listen to the toddler tunes station a lot. Be warned that baby shark will play at least once an hour though

  • Lily
    Mar 06

    Sesame Street is good. Depends on age I suppose!

  • Kim
    Mar 07

    The Laurie Berkner Band is a lot of fun. We listen on amazon prime, not sure what would come up on Pandora. Her songs are silly and catchy, and I don’t mind listening to them over and over, unlike a lot of other kids songs. We also listen to Sesame Street songs on prime. You have to ask Alexa to play songs by Bert and Ernie or Cookie Monster, etc. if you ask for Sesame Street it opens a game and not songs.

  • Janet Smith
    Mar 07

    Super simple song radio on Pandora. We also borrow kids CDS from the library. The trolls soundtrack is great.

  • Kellie
    Mar 07

    Mr. Jon & Friends has some awesome albums, also Caspar Babypants, Slugs & Bugs, and Bari Koral.

  • Deanna
    Mar 07

    Lisa Loeb, Elizabeth Mitchell, Frances England, Baby Giggles playlist on Alexa, Toddler Time on Alexa, Putting the Baby to Bed playlist on Alexa

  • Amanda
    Mar 07

    My baby and I attend Zumbini. We have those songs going non stop

  • Casey
    Mar 07

    Toddler time on Alexa

  • soozi
    Mar 07

    Walter Martin’s “We’re All Young Together.” Songs kids love that are not annoying to grownups.

  • Maxine
    Mar 07

    My son loves The Wiggles. They’re an Australian kids group. He watches it on Hulu and their songs are on amazon prime music.

  • Kristine
    Mar 07

    Our preschool curated our own playlist that's good for the whole family. It's what I would call "folksy".

  • Charlie
    Mar 07

    I made a station on Pandora adding pop artists whom have done children’s albums. When you search, it’ll say something like Jewel (Children’s), Barenaked Ladies (Children’s), plus I’ve added a bunch of folk/acoustic children’s music artists like Frances England, Elizabeth Mitchell, Charlie Hope, etc. I also like to put on an Oldies station or Jazz, y’know, to lay the groundwork. Gotta start ‘em young!

  • Lala
    Mar 08

    We love the reggae and toddler stations provided with the cable network.