My 1 year old keeps grinding her teeth! How do I encourage her to stop doing this!?

  • Lala
    Aug 10, 2018

    My 1 year old is doing the same I wonder if it’s a usual thing and will pass :( will be happy to hear from other parents as well

  • Caitie
    Aug 10, 2018

    My kid’s dentist said a lot of kids grind their teeth and they didn’t seem concerned about it. She said that unless a tooth is damaged, they don’t worry about it with baby teeth. Mine grinds hers too and drives me insane!

  • Kerry
    Aug 10, 2018

    I nannied a little boy who did it. His parents were told to ignore it, the more attention you bring to it the more they do it. He didnt do it for long as we all ignored it. I think he was about 12/18 months

  • Ro
    Aug 11, 2018

    It's a phase. My son does it every time a new tooth comes out then after a few days/week he stops and is normal. Remember that teeth are new to them and it's part of exploring and getting to know their body.