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My 15mnth is scared to walk on his own...

Baby boy just turned 15mo and knows how to walk with someone holding his hand perfectly fine but he is to afraid to walk on his own...should I be worried ?

  • Raji
    Jul 01

    I wouldn’t as I my kiddo just really started walking around 16 months on her own. He just need to feel confident and comfortable and he’ll walk on his own

  • Morgan
    Jul 01

    I would not worry

  • Momof2
    Jul 27

    My daughter was the same way. Her balance was excellent she could stand in one spot without holding on to anyone or anything for five minutes but wouldn’t move her feet… She finally started walking on her own at 16 months and hardly ever fell. She is still very cautious to this day I think it’s just part of her personality. Did he hit all his other developmental milestones around the right times?