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My 19 mo daughter sometimes comes home from her daycare with diaper rash.


It's painful for her when I'm changing her, and I feel terrible. I struggle to get her clean because she is crying and trying get away. She doesn't act like this when she doesn't have diaper rash, so I know it's the rash that is causing her resist the changing. I have mentioned this to the day care provider in the past, but I'm wondering if it's realistic to expect that they will not get diaper rash at day care.

  • Kerry
    Mar 08

    Id ask for her to be changed every 2hrs and them put cream on. I worked in a daycare and they shouldnt be constantly getting rashes just because they are there. It means they arent changing her enough or not noticing when shes had a poo. What did the daycare say before? How often do they change her? Can you get stronger cream from your pediatrician?

  • K
    Mar 08

    I agree that you have the right to request frequent changes, maybe get a doctors note do they know you mean business. But, in the meantime, slather her in A&D to protect her skin.

  • Raji
    Mar 08

    I’ve also worked at day care before; it’s possible it’s not their fault or something they are doing wrong. If they have a policy to change every two hours n change right after a poo; not much they can do. As long as you filled the paper work tat they apply cream with each change or when redness noticed; they should be doing that. That’s all they can do. Like at home, we can give our child some naked time to dry the area and get air; which helps with rash, they can’t do that all the time as they have more kids to change and clean. Maybe, give your daughter some free, naked time after you bring her home to get air to help it out.

  • Lynn
    Mar 08

    For the pain, I would not use baby wipes. When there was a bad diaper rash, I would use a squirt bottle of plain water or rinse their butts under the faucet in the bathroom sink. It’s also possible that a snack at daycare is causing a diaper rash. My kids immediately had terrible rashes when they pooped after eating acidic berries like strawberries and blueberries. Dried blueberries were the worse. Do you provide the diapers or does the daycare? If you do, I would start counting diapers and if it’s not changing your kid at least every 2 hours, I’d find a new daycare. That’s uncalled for and they know better. There’s zero excuse for not having timely changes.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 08

    Thank you all for your insightful perspectives and helpful tips. The squirt bottle is a good idea. Blueberries and oranges are her favorite foods, so this could be contributing. At home, we change right away after every poop, which I realize isn’t going to happen every time at daycare. When I talked to them about it in the past, they responded that it must be what she is eating and that she poops a lot, which can be 4-6 times per day. I did notice it improved for a while after the conversation though, so will follow up again.

  • Walker
    Mar 09

    Are they using scented wipes?

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 09

    My daughter is 18 months and tends to get diaper rash worse during the week while at daycare too. Her Center changes her every 2 hours unless they notice she has pooped sooner. I also now insist that they add the diaper rash cream I’ve provided after every change, wet or poop, regardless of whether or not there’s a visible rash. What has helped tremendously though is teaching her to communicate that she has a poop diaper. I praise her every time she tells me her diaper is dirty and I told her teachers about it and they do too. The good news is our Little’s are hopefully ready to start potty training so this will be over soon!!

  • Lindsey
    Mar 10

    A rash every once in a while... not a big deal. But if she is coming home with them frequently I would be getting upset and would be having another talk with the daycare provider about it. Like someone else said, ask for her to be changed every couple hours and cream every time. And if it continued I would honestly have to take her out of that daycare. No child should have a diaper rash all the time.

  • antigrav_kids
    Mar 10

    It's very realistic. Our daycare had a changing schedule we could review every day. I also had good luck using cloth diapers. They leak which means it's more obvious the kids need to be changed. The other thing I did was to hand the kids back and (politely) ask the daycare person to change them if I got there and the kids needed a change. After a few weeks, everything got better. One more note: I found that if the schedule didn't show they'd been changed every two hours, the kid started to develop a rash.

  • Jennifer
    Mar 11

    We have our son in a top rated daycare and still have problems with this. I had to talk to the director about it and now they seem to be doing better. It seemed to be a problem because in the afternoon they would have a floater teachers and they didn’t know my son.

  • Stacey
    Mar 14

    My daughter got rashes pretty regularly too and day care was very good about changing on a schedule (they had a white board they wrote all the kids feeding and changing times down on). But one thing I had to remind them of a couple of times was to let her dry out before applying diaper cream. If she’s still wet from the wipe that moisture gets locked in which can cause a rash.