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My 20 month old is still breastfed and refuses to eat dinner and lunch!


My 20 MO is breastfed but recently refuses to eat lunch and dinner. I have tried offering her the same foods many times throughout the day but she just refuses to eat. She hasn’t ate since around noon, it’s almost 6pm without snacks or breast milk and she still refuses to eat. I thought it might be what I was giving her but it doesn’t matter what I offer her she won’t eat. She’ll only nurse or eat yoghurt and fruits. I am so unsure how to go about this. I know she is hungry because she is cranky but won’t eat her dinner.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01

    Has this been going on for a while or just a few days? Teething is often the culprit to low interest in food

  • Julie
    Jan 01

    So my daughters is 16 months and no longer breastfeeds but does love her milk!!! She has been going through the same thing. Super low interest in food (except pizza and frozen blueberries). We’ve all been dealing with the obligatory holiday colds and my throat was feeling pretty sore so I was worried enough about it that I even took her to the pediatrician just yesterday and she doesn’t have strep or anything but the pediatrician said it does look like her canines are starting to cut. So I am hoping this is just a couple day problem and she’ll be back to her food eating self again real soon:-). Hopefully that’s all that’s wrong with your LO as well!!

  • Lindsey
    Jan 04

    Normal... at this age some days kids don’t eat hardly anything in a day. Just offer healthy foods if they do eat something. All three of mine have done it. It maybe teething. Whatever makes them do this try not to worry, it will pass.