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My 2yo Throws herself back


Whenever my daughter gets upset she throws herself back. I’ve told her not to do it, and explained to her she will get hurt; but as soon as she gets upset, she does it. She’s hurt herself in MANY occasions and will not stop. I have tried ignoring her, but honestly she’ll do it anywhere like on a concrete floor, or the edge of the couch or bed, so most of the time I find myself catching her before her head hits a really hard surface. It’s really scary, and it doesn’t seem to be a phase. She’s been doing this for the longest time, and I was hoping she’d realized that it hurts and won’t do it anymore. (Nope!) Any suggestions on what I can do?

  • Coll
    Jun 19

    My 19 month old does this and I don’t know what the solution is either. We just try to anticipate when she’s going to throw a tantrum so we can be there to prevent her hurting herself. I hope it gets better for you! ❤️

  • Anonymous
    Jun 19

    Thank you, I hope the same for you too!

  • Jess
    Jun 20

    I was hoping someone would have a solution too...

  • Genesis
    Jun 20

    Put a helmet on her at all times just so she can have some kind of protection when she does do it and no one is able to catch her in time. I hope it helps.