My 3 yr old stutters

My 3 yr old has begun stuttering. She didn’t used to. I feel so bad, she gets so upset when she can’t get out what she’s trying to say. Sometimes I can tell but not always. I started telling her to try and slow down and think about what she’s trying to say but that just upsets her. Any suggestions? Help

  • Morgan
    Jun 22

    I would have her see a speech therapist

  • Nina
    Jun 22

    My son started doing this and I told him they were bubbles so for days every single time he talked I would say ok slow down get the bubbles out

  • Nina
    Jun 22

    He would get frustrated but I just stayed on it and it eventually stopped

  • Kelise
    Jun 22

    Try speech therapy, I’ve done it for my twins and it helps.

  • anonymous mom
    Jun 24

    Speech therapy!!! Talk to your pediatrician, they will guide you but I used to nanny for a child who started to stutter in his later toddler years and speech therapy helped so much!! Good luck!

  • Jessica
    Jun 25

    My 3 yr old did this for a couple of weeks. It seemed like a phase but I just told him to calm down and talk slowly. Eventually it stopped!