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My 3yr son invited to friends sibling birthday party. Gifts?


I work at a daycare and another mother told me about how much her son likes my son and invited us to her other child’s birthday party as her sons play date. It’s at a indoor bounce house. The other sibling she is around 5-6yr I want to give her something as birthday present . Any suggestions?

  • Traci
    Nov 17, 2018

    I would say something simple like a purse or pretend makeup. Things most little girls like. I asked the mom before I went because I had no idea what to get for my daughters friends siblings lol

  • Anonymous
    Nov 18, 2018

    You should definitely get a present for the birthday kid. Kids that age love the easier LEGO kits, board games, science kits (the ones where they grow crystals or do experiments), costumes, etc. you can always give a gift receipt if you’re worried.